The purposes of the association are—
(1) to promote and support interest and knowledge in all forms of quilting,
(2) to promote fellowship among interested persons in all aspects of quilting,
(3) to preserve and continue the traditions and history of quilt making,
(4) to support and encourage innovation and new ideas in quilt making,
(5) to contribute to the knowledge of quilting techniques, textiles, patterns and quilt makers through a variety of formats

Activities in which members are involved include:

  • Weekend quilt retreats – Ballaarat Quilters hold a group retreat each year
  • Saturday Sit and Sew
  • Workshops – both local and other locations
  • Bi-annual Quilt exhibitions
  • Annual challenge
  • Group raffle quilt with donations every second year to benefit local charities of the group’s choice.


Potential members are welcome to attend two meetings before a decision to apply for membership must be made.


Night meeting fee: $2.00

Sit and Sew Days: $5.00

New Membership Fee: $40 (Annual Fee)

Existing Membership Fee: $25 (Annual Fee)

Name Badge: $15 (included in initial membership fee – subject to price rises)

Ballaarat Quilters Inc,
PO Box 1581
Bakery Hill,  3354

2 Responses to About

  1. Mary Simons says:

    Hello Ballarat Quilters,
    I’m in the UK where a group of quilters has begun collecting and cataloguing quilts that were sent as ‘comfort packages’ from Canada to British families that were bombed out in WWII. The gifts were greatly appreciated – we even had a recipient in the audience at the last presentation on the project. She was 8 years old when given her quilt and remembers it as her only bright, coloured possession. I know the Australian Red Cross sent us knitted toys and children’s books as I received a knitted kangaroo and book about a kangaroo who lost her pocket (her friends knitted her one) so I wondered if there might have been quilts too. If so, I’d love to try to locate them – any chance you know? The Red Cross in Melbourne don’t know of any at the moment but, naturally, aren’t really geared up to spend money searching for stuff like this.
    I notice from your website that you make quilts for the Neonatal unit and my local group (Vectis Quilters) does this too. We try to give every baby that goes into intensive care a quilt which can be placed on top of the incubator (easy to identify, gives baby something to look at, stops people tapping on the plastic) Hopefully, the baby thrives and goes home taking the quilt so we just label ours ‘with love from…….’ Our members love making them so we have no problem in getting enough.

    • bquilters says:

      Hi Mary,

      thanks for your comment. I am not sure about WWII related quilts. I will ask at our next meeting. We have worked on quilts for communities effected by bush fires in previous years.

      Sally Wellard (President)

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